Report from Thomas Petersen

Klaus and I are just back from our fishing trip to Cape Verde. We have some nice days fishing on the Amelia, with a lot off action and a super weather.

Day 1: The day we arrived to Mindelo, we fished 3 hours with no strikes.

Day 2: We sailed from Mindelo 11 o’clock. We had decided to try the water around Sao Nicolau. After 3 hours sailing, we started fishing and we had one strike from a blue that day.

Day 3: We left Sao Nicolau early in the morning, and started fishing the shallows, only a few miles from the harbor. After 3 hours we got a bite from a smaller fish. Klaus took the rod and he got his first Spearfish (75lbs). The next hour we had no more action from fish, and so we decided to sail back to Sao Vicente and try the rest of the day there. The only action we had, where one strike from a fish we newer saw, but the single 12/0 where straighten when we checked the lure!

Day 4: After one hour fishing we got a strike on the long right and I toke the rod, and after a hard fight, we able to gaff a yellow fin tuna at 200lbs. It was my personally best, so I was a happy man. After a couple of hours fishing, Klaus had a strike and he was in his first blue marlin. After 15 minutes we have it on the leader, and Klaus’s dream came true; he got his first marlin. Zak estimated it to 350lbs and Klaus was over the moon. We celebrate Klaus’s marlin with champagne back on the pontoon.

Day 5: We left the harbor 8 o’clock and the sea was flat. The first fish toke the long left. I jump in the chair and after 25 minutes the blue marlin was on leader. 500lbs and my biggest marlin ever! Later on a marlin showed up on the short left, and after some nice jumps, and a strong fight, Klaus could bag a nice marlin at 300lbs and the side, and released it again. We celebrate together with a tired captain, the two marlins in the evening with a pizza.

Day 6:  I started the day with a lost marlin on stand up, only 20 meters from the boat. That’s a part off the game and what make this type off fishing so exiting. You never know what will show up behind the boat, and the battle is first over when the mate can grab the leader. Later on we had at bite on the long left. Klaus took the rod and after a exiting fight, Sied the mate, took the leader and Klaus got his first yellow fin. A nice fish going 190 lbs. I finished the day with a nice blue marlin at 350lbs.

Day 7: This last day fishing before going back to Denmark. The weather was perfect with no wind and calm sea. We saw a lot of yellow fin jumping around. Fish up to more than 300 lbs. I had a super day with two yellow fin at 100 lbs and 135 lbs, and one lost marlin. Klaus ended the day with a personal best blue marlin; a nice fish at 400 lbs.

Total for the week was 5 blue marlins up to 500 lbs. 4 yellow fin tuna up to 200 lbs. 1 spearfish 75 lbs. We lost 4 marlin and 3 yellow fin tuna.

We had a fantastic week. Thanks to Zak and Sied. I really enjoyed the time together with them. They are world class captain and mate. I look forward to fish with them 10 days in October later this year.

Tight lines

Thomas Petersen


Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin
Blue Marlin