Marlin Cape Verde


The Captain on Amelia & Beast'N- Zak Conde

Hi, I’m Ezequiel Conde, known to most as Zak Conde. I‘m born in The Azores in 1972. I started fishing in 1991 on board the Cecilia. During my 16 years on various big game scenes, I’ve been fishing in Madeira, Canaries, Ascension, Ghana, Australia and Cape Verde. As a mate I have wired more than 1200 blue marlin.

My best fish are:
Blue marlin -1309lbs, caught in 1993 in the Azores.

Black marlin - 1072 lbs, from Cairns Australia.

Blue fin tuna 854 lbs in the Azores, and one we estimated over 1000 lbs, also 5 world records.

Atlantic blue marlin - 1189 lbs - caught in Azores in 1993.

Six Gild shark - 1332 lbs in Ascensions islands

3 world records of blue fish in Azores.

As a captain, I have had more than 250 blue marlin caught. That makes it almost one fish a day while a captain, which I’m very proud of.  I have lots of experience with tuna. In the Azores I wired lots of tuna and also white marlin. Don’t ask me how many whites and big eye tuna … many, many… and more than 15 tiger sharks, which include one over 1000lbs in the Cape Verde islands.






The Mate - Xi

From Sao Vincente. Local Xi is a new mate, assisting Zak. Very competent.





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