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Sao Vicente Island, Mindelo (N 16.53,310 – W 24.59,523)​

Our Team



Hi, I’m Ezequiel Conde, known to most as Zak Conde. I was born in The Azores in 1972. I started fishing in 1991 on board the Cecilia. During my 26 years on various big game scenes, I’ve been fishing in Madeira, Canaries, Ascension, Ghana, Australia, Croatia, Senegal and Cape Verde. The most blue marlin caught by a charter boat and five times top release and tagging for the atlantic ocean.


James David (XI) - Mate

Our boat - Amelia

This is the Amelia, a 44 feet Henriques, 170 sq ft deck equipped with a power 2x610HP MAN engine bought in USA. She is now at bay in Mindelo harbour. She's been fully rigged for big game fishing by Zak. The boat is equipped with Furuno and Garmin eletronics, full air conditioner, Murray Brothers full-size chair, triple srader rupp riggers and tuna tubes.


  • Custom rods, from 30 to 130 lbs
  • Shimano reels from 30 to 80 lbs
  • Jigging rods by westin
  • Stella / Daiwa reels

That whats makes Amelia and its crew the number one to choose when you are looking to target blue marlin

My best fish

  • Blue marlin -1309lbs, caught in 1993 in the Azores
  • Black marlin – 1072 lbs, from Cairns Australia
  • Blue fin tuna – 854 lbs in the Azores, and one we estimated over 1000 lbs, also 5 world records
  • Atlantic blue marlin – 1189 lbs – caught in Azores in 1993
  • Six Gild shark – 1332 lbs in Ascensions islands
  • 3 world records of blue fish in Azores.

São Vicente - Cabo Verde

Cape Verde Islands are worldwide recognized as the Blue Marlin Capital ! Impressive numbers and also good size fish expect you and our crew will do everything to make this trip unforgotten for you. Even if Blue Marlin is the main goal for many anglers there are plenty of other game fish such as Tuna, Wahoo, Sailfish and Jacks. Blue Marlin Fishing is a teamwork and we want our anglers become part of this team, improving their skills and feel the magic of catching Billfish. 

A valid passport is required, usually your travel agency will provide the mandatory visas

Minus one hour GMT

The international prefix for calling Cabo Verde is 00238 + number

The official language is Portuguese, what it’s currently spoken is Criolo. English is widely used.

Local currency is the Cabo Verde Escudo (ECV) corresponding more or less to 0,009 Euro Credit card: credit card use is not yet widespread. In the bank offices and in some shops VISA and MASTERCARD cards are accepted.

Dry tropical climate, rains almost unheard of; medium temperature 26° C

Light clothes in every season; something warmer and windproof for the evening

Music CD and cassettes, products in coconut, terracotta, wood; colourful batik fabrics and foodstuffs like S. Nicolàu tuna, the St. Antào Grogue and Ponche.

Catholic Social organization: independent republic, politically stable and without social discords

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